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Extracurricular Activities

For: teaching centres, colleges,secondary schools...

For: associations of all types and ages (old people´s homes, social centres, housewives, youths, recreational groups...)

They are carried out during the school term.

Once or twice a week we treated the centres or the location of the group performing the activity, with all the required materials.

Extracurricular activities for pre-school and primary shools children:

- Infant ceramics: the sensory and perceptive capacities of children are developed much faster during early infancy; this is why we believe it necessary to teach infant ceramic techniques to groups of children in 2º and 3º of infant education (pre-school)

- Ceramics for children in primary school: the children will discover differen techniques with which to create their own  ceramic pieces, they will work with may different types of clay. All the Pieces are baked twice in our ovens to ensure the have unique glazzed finishes. There is the possibility of holding ceramics classes in English to children for the age of 7 years upwards. Ask for further information.

- Drawing and painting:  The requierement levels depend on each child and THEIR CAPACITY. We reckon children have leart to draw hen they are capable of rouhgly copying that what they want to draw.

- Group murals for all ages: once a year the "ARTISTS" hold a public exhibition of their work and create one work for the Education Centre ( in this way we collaborate with you).


- Ceramics

-  Drawing and painting

- Plastic arts module with a variety of activities to choose form, paper recycling, ceramics, creative drawing and painting, natural cosmetics (prepartion of medicinal unguenst, creams, soaps, essences, syrups and liquour...)

Extracurricular activities in plastic arts, for the parents, to be held in the teaching centres once or twice a week.

In you require more information send us and email.

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