Hacemos de nuestro arte profesional, algo cercano.

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Who are we

We are a family company devoted exclusively to creating, executing and teaching art. We have "overcome" what most people believe about the topic "you cannot live from art alone" by working mostly by commission, working evenings and weekends, because art is timeless, it is not party to fashion nor to fads...

We always attempt to  improve in our work, make this work of art better than the last...spending hundreds of hours researching possible techniques and styles, without under-estimating for a minute our teaching work, as every day our students make us their gifts of breaths of fresh air and fresh perspectives even though they may lack in tecnique.

We are convinced that after 18 years on this path, our work has succeeded thanks to intuition,to our great faith and to the enormous amount of effort that we have applied to it.

Javier Sanz

Who are we

art-terra, s.l.
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